When it comes to cooking oils, there is never a dull moment when it comes to deciding which is the healthiest option. When it comes to cooking oils, individuals have a variety of options, ranging from sunflower oil to olive oil. A comparable discussion takes place between refined and cold-pressed oil. Although refined oil is the most popular, cold-pressed oils are increasingly extensively utilised by people all over the world due to their lengthy list of health advantages. Continue reading to learn why cold-pressed oil is superior to refined oil.

​Process of making

High heat is used to extract refined oils. Refined oils, also known as hot-pressed oils, are manufactured by washing them first, then grinding them at a high speed, which can generate heat up to 200°C, and utilising chemicals to produce the oil.

Cold-pressed oils, on the other hand, are slowly crushed to extract oil. No heat is created throughout the procedure. This also aids in the preservation of nutrients and tastes.

In India, terminology like “Chekku,” “Ghani,” and “Kolhu” have traditionally been used to designate cold-pressed oil. In reality, in the past, oilseeds were extracted using a long cylindrical device called a ‘ghani.’

Are cold-pressed oils healthier?

Refined oils are unquestionably healthier than cold-pressed oils. After being subjected to high heat and chemicals, refined oils lose the majority of their nutritional value.

Cold-pressed oils, on the other hand, retain the majority of their nutrients due to a heat-free and chemical-free production procedure. Vitamin E, which has anti-inflammatory qualities, and oleic acid, which improves immunity, are abundant in most cold-pressed oils.

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