Chia seeds are a new superfood that can help us improve our health and appearance. Did you know that these seeds were used by the Mayan and Aztec civilizations in the past? They were said to eat a handful of chia seeds before going into battle.

This new underappreciated food hero is a nutritious powerhouse. Per serving, it contains high levels of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, iron, zinc, vitamin complex, vitamin E, and calcium. The best part is that they are widely available, and buying them won’t break the bank.

Chia Seeds Benefits for Skin:
1. Prevents Damage by Free Radicals

Chia seeds are strong in antioxidants, which aid in the battle against free radical damage caused by UV rays on our skin. This also aids in the prevention of age-related skin issues such as wrinkles and fine lines.

2. Soothes and Reduces Skin Inflammation

The majority of our skin problems are caused by some sort of inflammation. Chia seeds contain a lot of cooling effects that help us maintain our skin healthy and tranquil by reducing inflammation.

3. Strengthens the Skin’s Barrier Against Sun Damage
Chia seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids, which operate as active barriers against skin damage induced by daily outdoor exposure.

4. Hydrates Oily Skin
Chia seeds contain a lot of fiber, which allows them to absorb a lot of water. When added to our diet or skincare routine, they become extremely moisturizing. Chia seed gel, like aloe vera gel, is extremely moisturizing for the skin.

5. Improves the Glow of the Skin
Chia seeds are bought online, aid to improve the skin’s radiance and suppleness when consumed regularly. This is due to the quantity of essential elements in chia seeds, such as vitamin C, vitamin A, folates, iron, and potassium, which make skin glow.

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