Cold pressed oils are organic oils extracted through mild pressure from seeds, nuts, and even vegetables, much as our forefathers did 1000 years ago. These oils are more nourishing to your health than highly refined oils, and they also improve the taste of your meal when used in cooking, particularly in Indian cuisine.

Why choose cold pressed oils other than regular refined oils?
It’s critical that the oil you eat is nutritious, but the refined oil you buy after seeing ads on TV promising weight loss with labels like Losorb, refined, blanched, and Lite mean that they’ve been highly processed through extreme heat and have gone through the rigmarole of chemicals and processing and rarely contain any nutrients. What is the point of including oils in your diet that are nothing more than empty calories? Let’s look at the advantages that explain why cold pressed oil is superior to refined oil.

Benefits of cold pressed oils:
1) They’re nutrient-dense: Cold-pressed oils are high in vitamins, antioxidants, phospholipids, lecithin, and protein, among other things.
2) They are free of dangerous chemicals: Sodium, Hexane, Hydroxide, Bleaching Agents, Sodium Bicarbonate, and other chemicals are utilised in the refining process. Cold pressed oils are completely organic and free of hazardous compounds such as gallate, propyl, BHT, and BHA, which are used as preservatives in other oils. If you desire to live a chemical-free lifestyle, you should consider switching to cold pressed oils.
3) Low cholesterol: Because cold pressed oils are extracted with minimal heat, they retain all of their nutrients and are fantastic for skin. They also aid weight loss bescause they are easier to digest.
4) Boosts immune system: Cold pressed oil contains natural antioxidants that help reduce radical cell damage in the body, as well as vitamin E, which has anti-inflammatory and healing effects.

Mustard oil, castor oil are some of the cold pressed oils available on the If you’ve been eating refined oils for a long time, your body may need time to adjust to these new oils. Because these oils are free of hazardous chemical preservatives, they should be consumed within 3-4 months after purchase. Keep them in a dark container and in a cool area, such as the refrigerator. Make the switch to cold pressed oils and see the difference!

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