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All in One Magic Paste 200gm – Pack of 2

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We take extreme pride in brining 100% natural products from its place of origin.

COOK DELICIOUS DISHES INSTANTLY: This Indane All-In-One Magic Paste is the best choice to cook delicious veg or non-veg curry within a couple of minutes without going through the hassle of sorting, cutting and mixing the ingredients required for the curry. All you need to do is just add meat or paneer or vegetables and water to this paste and your favorite dish is ready to eat!

INGREDIENTS: This Magic Paste consists of all the necessary spices and condiments which are generally used while making veg or non-veg curry. This paste comes premixed with ingredients like Onion, Garlic, Refined Sunflower Oil, Chilli, Edible Common Salt, Ginger, Coriander, Black Pepper, Clove, Cinnamon, Fenugreek Seeds and Cardamom which usually form the base of any curry.

HOW TO PREPARE: Mix this Magic Paste with some water to make a batter. Add your desired veg or non-veg ingredients to this batter. Let it cook for some time. Add water to get your desired consistency for the curry and let it simmer. Your dish is ready to eat in minutes!

THE EASIEST WAY TO COOK YOUR FAVOURITE DISH: This All-In-One Magic Paste from Indane is ideal for those who wish to spend less time cooking in the kitchen. Since you get all the ingredients in one box, this paste is a great choice for working women who can quickly prepare a scrumptious recipe without wasting their precious time.

NO HARMFUL INGREDIENTS: This All-In-One Magic Paste is made using natural spices, cereals and condiments of best quality. No artificial flavours or chemicals are added to this paste which makes it safe for consumption by every member of your family. This 200gm packet of the Magic Paste serves four, thereby making it a great choice for your family meals.

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Indane All-In-One Magic Paste is a good way to prepare your favourite dish instantly. This paste comes premixed with all the essential ingredients like spices, ginger, onion, salt, vegetable oil etc which are the base of any dish that belongs to Indian cuisine. The method of preparation is very easy too as all you need to do is pour this paste into a pan, add veg (paneer, veggies) or non-veg (chicken, mutton, fish) items to it along with some water and let it cook for some time. This Magic Paste is a great choice for every household because it minimizes the time that you spend in the kitchen, which makes it perfect for working women.


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