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Tarkari Masala Mix 50 gm – Pack of 2

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We take extreme pride in brining 100% natural products from its place of origin.

ALL-IN-ONE MASALA MIX: This packet is a culmination of all the spices you need in one easy-to-make pack. Normally when we are making a curry, we need to prepare 10-12 spices and keep track of the amounts for that perfect taste. With this pack, you do not need to worry about that.

READY TO MAKE: This pack of Tarkari Masala is tailor-made for busy individuals, especially working women, who dislike compromising on quality and taste. You can enjoy a high-quality, delicious meal in no time at all. Just by following simple steps, you can have restaurant-quality Tarkari Masala at home!

HIGH QUALITY SPICES: When you make meals at home, you only have the options available that you usually stock up on. Special recipes such as this one require extra ingredients, and the real taste comes from the quality of spices. However, this mix is prepared using the best quality spices, which gives it a real taste and flavor.

SMART WAY TO MAKE MEALS: This ready-to-make 60gm pack is a smart new way to approach making meals at home. You can make delicious recipes without spending all the money you would at a restaurant. You also save time since this is a quick and easy approach to cooking.

UNMATCHED TASTE: We pride ourselves in providing a great quality mix of ingredients that make your tarkari taste fantastic. The tarkari is a vegetarian recipe that is all about the mix of masalas. When you have this pack, your recipe is made extremely easy.

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This Tarkari Masala Mix by Indane is an all-in-one solution to make restaurant-quality Tarkari at home in no time at all! Ready-to-make masala mix like this is a modern way of achieving the utmost quality and taste without having to think too much. We like to get all the required masalas in proper quantity and portions so that you do not have to think about it at all! The ingredients include Onion, Garlic, Coriander, Common Edible Salt, Aamchur, Turmeric, Chilli, Chickpeas, Ginger, Bay Leaves, and Cinnamon. A vegetarian recipe like tarkari needs the right twist of spices to make it a fun recipe to have. The tarkari relies heavily on the masalas to just be right. That’s where our product comes into play! We make the recipe easier by giving you the right combination of high-quality masalas ready-made!


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